Magic wheel

Let us now take a small break from our discussions about toxic thinking! For your relaxation, I have created a very unique image below which will respond to your breathing!

In this image, there is a wheel of blue dots which are moving back and forth crazily. Now while looking at the dots in a relaxed way, breathe in and out gently, and you will see the magic. The blue dots will respond to your breathing! As you breathe in, the dots will move one way, and when you breathe out, they will move the other way! You can experiment by taking longer or shorter breaths, and you will see that the dots respond accordingly. However, do not hold your breath, as that will “confuse” the dots and make them move erratically.

(Note: If you have epilepsy, please be cautious as I do not know if this image will trigger it).

I hope you were fascinated with the above magical wheel that I designed. I will be grateful if you will please share this page with your friends.

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